BONUS – Letters #1 Work

Dear Listener, My hope for this series is that each episode builds as an iteration on those previous. Depending on your impression (and my patience for editing) this episode may or may not become the standard for the podcast. In this episode, you have a compilation of three letters received in response to my questions: What do [...]

Are you an expert yet?

Alternate title: Popcorn, Disney, and a Tesla ride Josh and Rob catch up after the holidays! Rob got an Artiphon Instrument 1 for Christmas and looooves it. We talked about those refillable popcorn buckets from AMC Classic, Josh and his wife's Disney ANNUAL passes, (sometimes) boring museum visits, his Lyft ride in a Tesla that [...]

Gifting, guzhengs, & pocket calculators

Well, this "Christmas" episode is already way outdated so we'll get right to it. Enjoy! Miss the show notes? Let us know you're reading 🙂 Tweet or follow the show @sorrytopic, or at Rob, Josh, and Mike. Feel free to jump into our free and open Telegram chat for updates and chit-chat about the show.