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coffee – Sorry to get back on topic

More Coffee!

Hey, it’s Rob.

I know this is a podcast and all, but sometimes I like to dig deep into a certain topic. Sorry not sorry.

You know the wine snobs? Coffee has a much wider variety of flavor profiles than wine does. As far as I know, coffee also has a lot of other variables in the equation from bean to cup. That means there are so many things along the way that influence the flavor it hurts my brain.

What little information I have here, rest assured I’m no expert and there is tons more to learn on the internet!

The beans

Another, more detailed video about coffee processing: YouTube

Roasting the beans

Buy them whole, grind yourself

Gale is LEGIT. She gives a pretty clear intro to what’s up with grinders

Brew it!

Intelligentsia has the best guides I’ve seen. I like them because it’s concise and easy to follow. You can also choose based on the equipment you have:

I think this is the most pretentious thing I’ve ever seen. Peak hipster.

Okay but where to buy some good beans, and what to look for?

This is a pretty good listicle:

Keyword to look for is third wave, which means absolutely as pretentious as you can get. In that list I linked above you’ll find plenty to choose from, but it’s still hard to walk to the grocery store and find any of that product.

Try to go to a fancy café near you and they might have that in their retail section. Alternatively, I’ve been considering some sort of subscription service…

Coffee subscriptions

I’m pretty skeptical of subscription anything. I work for a company that lives off the subscription model. It’s such an easy way to make a ton of cash, but I did try to break down the prices for what you get.

Google Sheets: Coffee Subscriptions

^ Here’s a quick spreadsheet listing all the coffee bean subscriptions I could find and the price by weight of coffee. It’s public, and free for anyone to edit by the way. If you want to contribute, go ahead

As you can see, some places are more expensive, but maybe you get more coffee. Another bonus to some of these is the variety. You could have a rotation of different roasting companies and different regions of coffee to figure out what you like best. I plan on trying this soon. If you know of a certain brand you love and can’t find them in the store, then you could go straight to their website.

I’ll wrap things up here. Like I said, there’s plenty more to learn, but hopefully this gets you started!


The Coffee Episode

0 minutes – 15 minutes: some updates about the podcast website and social media stuff.

15m – 44m: Coffee talk.

44m – 50m: Halloween, shitty costumes, and abusing Apple’s generous refund policy.

50m – 58m: Apple is starting to over-promise and under-deliver.

58m – End: Rob introduces a podcast challenge, you know, for “content.”

More details and links:

We’ve got our website up and running! The HOPEFULLY easy-to-remember domain is We also set up a bunch of social channels like a public group on Telegram, and a Twitter handle: @sorrytopic.

Check out another “hangout” podcast: Getting Caught Up with a couple of more interesting people, Mike and Jeff.

The Beers:

Josh: mysterious beer sitting in the fridge for months

Rob: 21st Amendment IPA

The Coffee:

Rob has been getting really into coffee lately. He refers to The Coffee Podcast and about finding some online guides for making snobby coffee at home. Intelligentsia has a lot.

Josh on the other hand appreciates fancy coffee but is very lazy about it at home. He’s been using a Keureg some days, and other times he gets hours-old leftovers from his Airpot. One of those pump action things you’ll see at conferences and big meetings.

The Challenge:

To spice things up, Rob suggests a simple challenge to try something new for a week or two. We’ll report back with the results!

Challenge for Josh: wake up and make fresh coffee one morning this week. Here’s the French press guide. He also needs to write a bio for the website.