Co-hosts converge

This is the first time that hosts Alex and Josh meet! Rob managed to “double-book” both of them, and record an episode with everyone.

Josh recently went to the hospital and shares his experience, which gets us talking about health care in general. There’s a lot more to this very complex issue than just our little anecdotes and it probably deserves some more conversation so just take it with a grain of salt. You are listening to some random person’s podcast, after all, not the New York Times.

Rob makes an excellent segue from healthcare being inefficient to our work processes like “agile” and how pretty much any large company becomes inefficient. Maybe healthcare is just a terribly large company?

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Getting into the Tablet Habit – with Jeff Perry


Josh is BACK to talk about Apple and Birds, of course

Wow, it has been nearly a year since our co-host Josh actually joined the podcast!

Josh realizes how much he doesn’t even know what he looks like when trying to create an avatar with the Stereo app. Then he talks way too much about the AirPods Max he just got, and explains why a cockatiel he found caused him to miss a year of podcasting.

Then Josh and Rob get into a discussion about mental health, ADHD, and how difficult those things can make it to keep things organized correctly in their lives.

This episode was live-streamed on Stereo! We’ll let people know on our Twitter and Telegram shortly before we start, so come tune in next week if you want to hear it live or even send in an audio clip to be featured on the show.


Warning: not compatible with birds

Mike calls in to offer a theory about what Josh brought up in the Quarantine Crossing episode.


BONUS – Letters #1 Work

Dear Listener,

My hope for this series is that each episode builds as an iteration on those previous. Depending on your impression (and my patience for editing) this episode may or may not become the standard for the podcast.

In this episode, you have a compilation of three letters received in response to my questions:

  • What do you do, and why?
  • What does Work mean to you?

I have listened to each letter dozens of times while editing, and found a lot of joy in their unique perspectives (honestly, not trying to sound pedantic). I was afraid however, that no one wants to listen to three, long (~10 minute) monologues in a row, which led me to an interesting task of finding similarities and stringing these three responses together.

For anyone who prefers to hear each letter in full, please look for “Episode 01B” which includes Chris, Habiba, and Josh, without interruption.

All the best,

The best microphones, therapy, and timeshares

Josh and Rob talk about their microphone preferences and a growing love for Røde products.

We mention Rob’s Rode Podmic, Josh’s Heil PR40, the Røde Procaster, and the Sure SM7B that is a studio standard. Lots of Amazon links for ya… dang I should get a commission!

Josh quits therapy, Rob wishes he had a therapist again, and we trade pros/cons of talk therapy.

Josh gets a FREE HAWAIIAN VACATION by going to a timeshare presentation. (face palm)

Rob spends hours editing this podcast and crafting entertainment for the 3-4 friends he has listening to him. You know what would be the best tip, and not cost ANY money? A nice review.

Apple Podcasts


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Are you an expert yet?

Alternate title: Popcorn, Disney, and a Tesla ride

Josh and Rob catch up after the holidays!

Rob got an Artiphon Instrument 1 for Christmas and looooves it.

We talked about those refillable popcorn buckets from AMC Classic, Josh and his wife’s Disney ANNUAL passes, (sometimes) boring museum visits, his Lyft ride in a Tesla that sparked a newfound obsession.

Rob brings up his financial anxiety and obsessive budgeting. (Check out Simple, the bank we both use, and/or YNAB a handy budgeting app).

Per the provocative title (how do you like it?), Rob asks if at this point in life Josh feels like he’s an “expert” in what he does. Something about the age we’re at now, it feels like we should have expertise in something.

Lastly, you can get the latest reaction ever to Star Wars episode 9. No real spoilers, if you haven’t seen it, just generalized thoughts.


Bananas, business, and other b…

Josh and Rob catch up, originally to talk about his NEW Air Pods Pro… but we immediately got off topic. You can hear about Air Pods in the next episode coming soon.

In this episode we talk about Banana milk, other milks, and bananas going extinct!

Then Rob talks about different tastes in podcasts, a call for submissions, and interesting stuff he learns from shows like Pivot, and Escaping NXIVM.

We touch on news, and being overwhelmed. Rob recommends an different type of news site, The Correspondent.

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BONUS: Josh gets the Apple Card, it’s ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Josh takes a minute to give his take on the Apple Card and some first impressions.


The Coffee Episode

0 minutes – 15 minutes: some updates about the podcast website and social media stuff.

15m – 44m: Coffee talk.

44m – 50m: Halloween, shitty costumes, and abusing Apple’s generous refund policy.

50m – 58m: Apple is starting to over-promise and under-deliver.

58m – End: Rob introduces a podcast challenge, you know, for “content.”

More details and links:

We’ve got our website up and running! The HOPEFULLY easy-to-remember domain is We also set up a bunch of social channels like a public group on Telegram, and a Twitter handle: @sorrytopic.

Check out another “hangout” podcast: Getting Caught Up with a couple of more interesting people, Mike and Jeff.

The Beers:

Josh: mysterious beer sitting in the fridge for months

Rob: 21st Amendment IPA

The Coffee:

Rob has been getting really into coffee lately. He refers to The Coffee Podcast and about finding some online guides for making snobby coffee at home. Intelligentsia has a lot.

Josh on the other hand appreciates fancy coffee but is very lazy about it at home. He’s been using a Keureg some days, and other times he gets hours-old leftovers from his Airpot. One of those pump action things you’ll see at conferences and big meetings.

The Challenge:

To spice things up, Rob suggests a simple challenge to try something new for a week or two. We’ll report back with the results!

Challenge for Josh: wake up and make fresh coffee one morning this week. Here’s the French press guide. He also needs to write a bio for the website.