About this site

Right now we just do a show called “Sorry to get back on topic.” We grabbed the domain name of us two hosts, just in case we do other shows in the future.

Sorry to get back on topic – What am I listening to?

This is a hangout podcast, where we (Josh and Rob) have a chat and catch up from San Francisco to New York City. We will try to have a certain theme or topic for each episode, but no promises are made. We aren’t expecting internet fame and we definitely act like it.

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Rob Brogan

In his day job, Rob works for Amazon by designing pages and the User Experience of anything relating to audiobooks sold on Amazon. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Mary, and two cats, Delenda and Claire [IG].

Find Rob on: Twitter, LinkedIn, The WELL, Medium, Keybase , and personal site.

rob and mary looking at phones on the subway
Rob & Mary on the subway

Josh Windisch

Josh works as an editor, technical director, and writer at the podcast network TWiT (This Week in Tech). He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife Vanessa and two fids (feathered kids) aka birds, Lily and Quorra.

Josh and two birds
Josh and his “fids”