Sunday Hangout: COVID teaching and Universal media services

Ahhh – back to the old hangout. This episode is full of big life updates from both Rob and Alex. I’ll let you listen to find out what’s new.

We do touch on being a teacher and going back to school right now, as Alex has to prepare for the school year.

Rob has a rant about the increasingly fractured “media landscape.” In other words, all the different streaming services for TV were almost the first wave and now we have so many exclusive platforms for podcasts. It’s great that podcasts are getting more popular, but what this means for the medium as a whole is that your reach gets smaller. You can’t just publish once and be discovered by everyone. It’s going to depend what app you’re part of in the coming future.

Lastly, we also talk a bit about music and quarantine. Even with social distancing, things like a concert will be very hard to pull off. What does it mean to stream a performance instead of being there?


Bananas, business, and other b…

Josh and Rob catch up, originally to talk about his NEW Air Pods Pro… but we immediately got off topic. You can hear about Air Pods in the next episode coming soon.

In this episode we talk about Banana milk, other milks, and bananas going extinct!

Then Rob talks about different tastes in podcasts, a call for submissions, and interesting stuff he learns from shows like Pivot, and Escaping NXIVM.

We touch on news, and being overwhelmed. Rob recommends an different type of news site, The Correspondent.

Quick! What app are you using right now?

We don’t care too much about stats, but when check them it says a few use Apple Podcasts, a few use Overcast, and then the vast majority use “other.” Curiosity is killing us, so let us know what podcast app do you use?

Bonus points: what do you like about the app?

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