Foundation 03: The Mathematician’s Ghost

Rob, Alex, Mike, and Leul are digging some of the unique parts of the TV version, like Imperial Cloning™ but it’s still not clear how things will play out for The Foundation on Terminus, and what seems to be an impending crisis.

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Foundation 02: Preparing to Live

In this discussion, Rob is joined by Alex Monroe who has just recently read the book and brings a fresher memory to some of the comparisons. We also try to step back and discuss the show on its own and some of the story developing in between Trantor and Terminus, which was not in the original book.

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Sunday Hangout: F1, Tesla, and work

Rob didn’t check his microphone and it was a bit hot – sorry about that!

In this casual hangout episode, Alex and Rob talk about work, and about their vacation to Chicago that included go kart racing. This leads to a nice tangent about Formula 1 racing and of course a bit about Tesla too.


Co-hosts converge

This is the first time that hosts Alex and Josh meet! Rob managed to “double-book” both of them, and record an episode with everyone.

Josh recently went to the hospital and shares his experience, which gets us talking about health care in general. There’s a lot more to this very complex issue than just our little anecdotes and it probably deserves some more conversation so just take it with a grain of salt. You are listening to some random person’s podcast, after all, not the New York Times.

Rob makes an excellent segue from healthcare being inefficient to our work processes like “agile” and how pretty much any large company becomes inefficient. Maybe healthcare is just a terribly large company?

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Welcome package for new listeners!

Hi there, we’ve noticed a bunch of new people tuning in after our episode with Jeff about iPads. If you missed that one, it’s great and you should check that it out (it’s right before this one).

So if you’re new here, this is a special new introduction and a re-run of one of the best episodes so far.



Sunday Hangout: smart homes and future interviews

Alex and Rob catch up on a lazy Sunday. We talk about some lesser-known smart home tools, and Alex wants to plan a post-marriage bachelor party!

Thinking about future topics, we explore some ideas together but would love to hear what you think! More music, philosophy, science?

Rob wants to talk more about Nils Frahm, a contemporary composer that does interesting and beautiful things with synthesizer and acoustic piano alike!

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Sunday Hangout: Chiropractors, digital pianos

We tried and failed to do a live stream of this episode! Hopefully next time around Rob will have it figured out. When he does, the first broadcast will be here:

In this episode, Rob and Alex take a while to hit their podcasting stride again but we hear about Alex’s honeymoon around Lake Michigan, a visit to the chiropractor, some different types of massage that we manage to tie in with mindfulness of course, and lastly, Rob bought a NEW PIANO (it’s very exciting).

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If you want the full song from the end of the episode, here it is:


Sunday Hangout: COVID teaching and Universal media services

Ahhh – back to the old hangout. This episode is full of big life updates from both Rob and Alex. I’ll let you listen to find out what’s new.

We do touch on being a teacher and going back to school right now, as Alex has to prepare for the school year.

Rob has a rant about the increasingly fractured “media landscape.” In other words, all the different streaming services for TV were almost the first wave and now we have so many exclusive platforms for podcasts. It’s great that podcasts are getting more popular, but what this means for the medium as a whole is that your reach gets smaller. You can’t just publish once and be discovered by everyone. It’s going to depend what app you’re part of in the coming future.

Lastly, we also talk a bit about music and quarantine. Even with social distancing, things like a concert will be very hard to pull off. What does it mean to stream a performance instead of being there?


Sunday Hangout: Hans Zimmer Pt. 3

The final installment of our mini-series about Hans Zimmer!

Don’t forget to start out with parts 1 & 2! Find it in your feed, or our website here.

As a side-note, this was pretty fun to do and if you can think of something else you want to get some background info about, let us know.

A lot of the music here is chopped into pieces and cut short, so please look up the full soundtrack on your favorite music app. I’ll include YouTube links below:

Interstellar – Where We’re Going [YouTube]

Apollo 11 Mission Audio [YouTube]

Interstellar – Coward [YouTube]

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Sunday Hangout: Hans Zimmer Pt. 2

Don’t forget to start out with Part 1! Find it in your feed, or our website here.

We have cut the samples down and encourage you to hit PAUSE when we call out the track, look it up on YouTube or Spotify and then come back to the discussion.

From Sherlock:

Discombobulate [YouTube]

Marital Sabotage [YouTube]

From Dark Knight:

Why So Serious? [YouTube]

A Dark Knight [YouTube]