Disaster Transport

California burns, so Josh goes to Disneyland. Then we spend about 45 minutes talking about old roller coasters and abandoned parks and stuff. Rob doesn’t like roller coasters.

The smoke from the California wildfires made the air quality here in the San Francisco Bay Area worse than ever, with the Air Quality Index measuring in the mid-300’s at one point. Normal levels are somewhere around 10 – 40.

While many people slap a case on their phones, Josh likes to use a ‘sleeve.’ This doesn’t provide protection against drops while you’re using the phone of course, but it does help prevent scratches when you’re putting the phone down on rough surfaces. Here’s the $9 sleeve that he’s been using (bonus for other vegan folks, it’s faux leather!) [on amazon]

Josh and his wife Vanessa went to Disneyland recently, and Josh couldn’t help but think about his favorite amusement park, Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH. Space Mountain at Disneyland brought up memories of another far crappier indoor roller coaster at Cedar Point called Disaster Transport.

Here’s a video about that ride, and the channel has a lot of interesting stuff about old defunct rides too:

Disaster Transport Wikipedia

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